Author: AFBL Commish

2053 Spring Training Completes, Flurry of AFBL Trades Leading up to Regular Season

The 2053 AFBL Spring Training has concluded this past week and the league’s twenty franchises are preparing for the upcoming Regular Season. Here is how 2053 Spring Training ended up with the league standings and stat leaders: AFBL saw lots of trade activity this Offseason and Spring Training with several deals involving draft picks including the 2052 1st overall pick rights going to New York and former Twin Towers superstar OF Jermaine White going to Minnesota. The 2053 Season is shaping up to be an interesting year!

2052 All-Star Game Break Arrives

The AFBL has reached its 2052 All-Star Game break (1 game remaining due to a schedule issue realized too late by the Commish :).) California is on a 11-game win streak as they are have the most wins currently with 56 and leading the FL West with Idaho holding a FL wildcard spot. The PL North is in a 3-way tie for the division lead between New York, Maryland, and defending FCS winner Ontario. New Mexico is trying to fend off Texas and Illinois. Georgia in on top of the PL South but has North Carolina, Kentucky, and Ohio all Read More

Arizona Vipers Vacant

The Vipers franchise has moved to Arizona from Indiana and is now in need of a GM to lead the franchise in a new direction. The Vipers have moved to the FL West from the FL East with the move and have some nice pieces developing in their minor league system. This will be a continued rebuild for the franchise so come and take the reigns to lead the Vipers!