New Mexico hoping to break home run record

With eight weeks left in the 2052 season the Danger are on track to break the single season home run record of 278 set by the Danger in 2020. In 114 games NM has hit 204 home runs, a pace which will result in just under 290 if it holds up.

The power surge has been led by catcher Ismael Cordero with 35, shortstop Cisco Martinez with 30, third baseman Sam Raith with 25, designated hitter Orlando Lopez with 24 and rookie left fielder Brad Reid with 23. The remaining 67 home runs have come from 12 other players.

Lou O’Slattery has hit 14 in 70 games since coming to the Danger from Oregon and Jose Rodriguez has hit 8 in 58 games after starting the season on the IL. Esteban Santana hit 12 in 67 games before a HBP and then a torn hamstring ended any further contribution.

Slugging .504, the Danger are slightly ahead of the .496 mark New York set in 2050. But with an OPS of .855 it doesn’t look like NM will be able to pass North Carolina’s record .867 set in 2048.

Sim 20 Update

3-3 sim. Five games up on Texas.

210 home runs in 120 games. On pace for 283.5 (+5.5).

Ran into some tough pitching and only managed six home runs vs. Kentucky and Texas. Lopez with three (27) and one each from Cordero (36), Martinez (31) and O’Slattery (15).

Next up Idaho and Colorado, who are ranked 5th and 19th in Home Runs Allowed.

Sim 21 Update

4-2 sim. Five games up on Texas.

Added 15 home runs for 225 in 126 games. On pace for 289.3 (+11.3)

Hit six home runs in going 1-2 vs. Idaho and nine in a sweep of Colorado. Reid with four (27); Lopez with three (30); Rodriguez (10), Raith (27) and O’Slattery (17) with two each; Cordero (37) and Myers (1) with one each.

Next up Arizona and Oregon, who are ranked 10th and 18th in Home Runs Allowed.

Sim 22 Update

4-2 sim. Holding steady at five games up on Texas.

Added seven home runs for 232 in 132 games. On pace for 284.7 (+6.7). Need 47 in the remaining 30 games.

Finally cracked the top 50 (45th) now tied with Colorado (2042) and Virginia (2049).

Hit three in winning the series against Arizona 2-1 and four against Oregon, winning that series 2-1. Lopez (32) and O’Slattery (19) each with two and Cordero (38), Martinez (32) and Barron (5) each hit one.

Next up Pennsylvania and Minnesota, ranked 14th and 16th in HRA. But probably going to be a tough sim based on the pitchers coming up.

Sim 23 Update

4-2 Sim. Up five on Texas.

Added 12 home runs for 244 in 138 games. On pace for 286.4 (+8.4).

Tied for 29th with Kentucky (2047).

Hit five vs Pennsylvania (2-1 series win) and seven vs. Minnesota (2-1 series win). Raith (29), Martinez (34) and Ortiz (9) hit two each. Lopez (33), O’Slattery (20), McCrary (10), Constant (1), Cordero (39) and Reid (28) with one each.

Next up Washington and Illinois, ranked 1st and 13th in HRA.

Sim 24 Update

3-3 sim. Five up on Texas.

Added eight home runs for 252 in 144 games. On pace for 283.5 (+5.5). Need 27 in final 18 games.

Tied for 17th with Colorado (2017).

Hit only one against Washington which lived up to its number one ranking in HRA. Added seven vs. Illinois. Cordero (42) hit three, and Martinez (35), Rodriguez (11), Lopez (34), Barron (6) and O’Slattery (21) hit one each.

Next up California and Colorado, ranked 3rd and 19th.

Sim 25 Update

4-2. Six up on Texas.

Added nine home runs for 261 in 150 games. On pace for 281.9 (+3.9). Need 18 in final 12 games.

In 11th place.

Hit three against California and six against Colorado. Cordero (45) and O’Slattery (24) with three each, Martinez (37) with two and Ortiz (10) with one.

Next up Georgia and Texas, ranked 2nd and 8th. Going to be a tough week for home runs.

Sim 26 Update

2-4. Four up on Texas.

Added only two this sim for 263 in 156 games. On pace for 273 (-6 !!!). Need 16 in final 6 games. I think we have only done this once this season when we hit 20 in a sim.

In 10th place.

Hit two against Georgia and zero against Texas. O’Slattery (25) and Willis (2) each had one.

Last two regular season series coming up vs. Minnesota and North Carolina, ranked 15th and 17th in HRA. So maybe….