Author: AFBL Commish

United Baseball League

AFBL is proud to announce a partnership with a new Independent League that will begin play this coming 2049 season. The United Baseball League will consist of 12 teams, play 126 game schedule, league will have a 7 reputation, follow AFBL rules mostly. The league will be consist of current AFBL Free Agents and I’ll run a FA Draft to distribute players this week. Players on these teams will still be available for normal FA claims but they’ll be getting playing time and hopefully developing. Logos are in but the team’s jerseys, ballcaps, and such still need work.

Postseason MVPs

2013: SP Ned Haas (Oregon)2014: LF Vince Anderson (West Virginia)2015: SP Koshiro Fujita (Texas)2016: LF Rob Clark (Colorado)2017: SP Kevin Reynolds (Colorado)2018: 1B Jake Ladner (Kentucky)2019: SP Rod O’Colgan (West Virginia)2020: SP Ron Taylor (Texas)2021: SS Djordje Grol (Colorado)2022: SP Cipriano Hernandez (Indiana)2023: SP Tony Young (Colorado)2024: 3B Dave Ross (New York)2025: IF Damian Robertson (Pennsylvania)2026: LF/DH Dan Allen (New Jersey)2027: SS Tony Hernandez (West Virginia)2028: SP Mike Powell (California)2029: SP Ben Jones (Georgia)2030: CA Jose Martinez (Texas)2031: DH Antonio Padilla (Colorado)2032: 1B Eric Lee (Georgia)2033: SP Jose Silva (Colorado)2034: 1B Randy Long (Ohio)2035: 1B Ogai Tsuji (Indiana)2036: DH Cedric Boyd (Maryland)2037: SP Ron Carmichael (North Carolina)2038: SP Hector Gonzales (Idaho)2039: RF Robinson Sanchez (Idaho)2040: LF Juan Lopes (Oregon)2041: RF Greg Moore (Idaho)2042: CA Bob Holmes (New Jersey)2043: SP Curt Peterson Read More