Globe and Mail: 2050 Roster Pt 2

Hitters (Last Season) Acquired, Blurb
  • C: Duri Al Gahary (143 .277/.368/.513 124) SD 2038, Had by some accounts one of his best seasons but OBP & AVE were below 2048, tied Franchise REC for HR but really stunk during Playoffs.
  • 1B: Jonathan Broadberry (115 .295/.336/.386 86) D 2.28 2041, He is up & down last season was a bad year so if things flow the same he should have a good season.
  • 2B: Joel Beck (132 .300/.348/.481 119) Trade NY 2047, He was amazing last season like 2048 in the first half, he fell off a lot during send half but picked up right before playoffs again looking for 4th ASG.
  • 3B: Ty Hinkle (54 .332/.372/.434 115) D 1.11 2034, He was injured for most of last year but he was Just amazing when he returned, his playoff performance was legend status worthy until FCS. Looking for 2047/48 Ty this year.
  • SS: Mike Daniels (162 .317/.360/.482 123) D 8.147 2042, He is like Broadberry up & down career, this projects to be bad year I hope not but.
  • LF: Lupe Aguirre (100 .286/.359/.381 96) D 1.14 2037, Had a bad season in relation to 2048 but was great during Post Season, hopefully that can translate to good year.
  • CF: Marc Maldonado (157 .310/.368/.540 137) D 1.7 2042, Marc get screwed in the Defense for some reason so gets lower on WAR, had just awesome playoffs won FCS MVP in losing cause.
  • RF: Tony Brin (152 .291/.343/.502 113) D 1.8 2041, Last 2 years he has been solid, Hoping for 20+ HR this year.
  • DH: Johnathan Coker (106 .293/.366/.547 138) Trade TEX OFF Season 2047, He was Hurt but was having good season, Hoping for more of the same maybe 30 HR this year.
Bench Players (Last Season) Acquired, Blurb
  • C: Bobby William (13 .333/.391/.595 164) D 5.88 2038, He was back up in 2047 but last few years it as been Bruce, His bat should be a nice pick me up if Duri struggles.
  • 1B/2B: Willie Miller (82 .268/.310/.478 102) Trade NJ 2049, Is a decent fill player for me hoping for more of the same.
  • 3B/SS: Micah Jackson (124 .310/.331/.399 90) Trade NJ 2049, Played pretty good last year, good D, will start VS LHP hoping for similar AVE next season.
  • OF: Sal Farmer (61 .262/.351/.349 81) D 1.17 2033, Had great OBP last year even with being hurt, Solid on Defense but hopping he can bring that AVE up this season.
  • OF: Luis Gonzalez (102 .249/.381/.467 125) Trade ID 2048, Hit most HR since 2045, best OBP since 2045, might get some more reps if any OF Struggles. Solid guy hoping solid season.

This is the 2050 roster for the Ontario Blue Pirates, be on the lookout for my monthly team/league reports.