Author: Jeff Hoffman

New Mexico hoping to break home run record

With eight weeks left in the 2052 season the Danger are on track to break the single season home run record of 278 set by the Danger in 2020. In 114 games NM has hit 204 home runs, a pace which will result in just under 290 if it holds up. The power surge has been led by catcher Ismael Cordero with 35, shortstop Cisco Martinez with 30, third baseman Sam Raith with 25, designated hitter Orlando Lopez with 24 and rookie left fielder Brad Reid with 23. The remaining 67 home runs have come from 12 other players. Lou Read More

New Mexico 2050 Sim notes

Sim 1 4-4 to start the season. We are hitting the crap out of the ball but it all apparently landed in the hands of our pitchers because that’s what they threw. NM leading the FL with 22 stolen bases. That’s new. Only caught twice. Hope this keeps up. AAA Oklahoma City had a crazy first week. 7-1, 124 hits, 51 for extra bases. Scored 79 and allowed 29. Sim 2 5-1. Pitching calmed down, allowing 12 runs over the six games. Leading the division by two. Going to see how quickly and how well Sean Butler learns 1B while he’s Read More

New Mexico 2050 Preview

First year in the FL East! Outlook for the Danger is muddled at the moment. Pitching still has some developing to do and will probably be consistently uneven. Offense is moving more toward defensive players, some veterans who can still hit are starting the year in AAA. Butler, Howell and Hill are not going to be happy. Four rookies make the team: SP Mata, RP Vickers, 1B/DH Santana and RF Tanaka. I think the Danger will end up in the high 80s for wins, low 90s if things go well. Always tough to predict but even tougher with realignment. Batters: Read More