Globe and Mail: 2050 Roster

Starting Rotation (Career REC) (Last Season) Acquired, Blurb
  • #1. Cristo Mota 67-38 3.67 ERA (20-8 3.52 ERA) SD 2040, Was outstanding last season could get better, He is the Anchor of this Rotation.
  • #2. Jose Esquivel 123-131 4.05 ERA (14-11 4.23 ERA) D 1.13 2031, He has had up & down career hopefully this is a Up year, looking for a few more Ks from him.
  • #3. Freddy Santiago 40-25 3.66 ERA (7-12 4.43) SD 2039, CRAPPY season & they have been all down hill since 2047 BUT he showed up during playoffs so maybe that & some more Ks will lead to good season but if he can keep HR/9 down he should have good year.
  • #4. Wilfred Bradshaw 68-86-5 4.12 ERA (8-8 4.24 ERA) Trade NY 2047, Not a bad season not great either, his K/9 keeps dropping HR/9 & BB/9 Have been on the rise. Hopefully he can build on a Decent Playoff performance.
  • #5. Ruben Figueroa 60-64 4.41 ERA (9-10 4.76 ERA) D 1.8 2038, Honestly a good season from him after 6.91 ERA 2048 but was still not someone to trust during Playoffs. I don’t expect 2047 season but if he can give me solid season again I would be thrilled.
Possible futures starters for 2050
  • Aurelio Souza 27 3-7 5.64 ERA (1-0 4.20 ERA) D 1.5 2039, Not much Depth for SP he is the best I have, has decent time with big club.
  • Ruben Herrera 24 (NEVER PLAYED) SD 2043, Has had some Control boosts so Could be good for some starts if needed has the Stamina.
  • Louwe Human 34 2-3 4.98 ERA (DNP) SD 2032, Lost control so has dropped on my call up list but Has experience Pitching in Majors so could be used instead of Ruben.
Bullpen (Career REC) (Last Season) Acquired, Blurb
  • LR: Chris Ball 6-2-1 3.11 ERA (5-1-1 3.18 ERA) D 4.67 2042, He is poised for a break out season if he can keep the HR/9 Down, can hold Runners & pitch Multiple innings could be future SU guy for me.
  • MR: Jon Morgan 23-18-14 3.38 ERA (1-2-0 5.77 ERA) D 5.94 2037, The 2 Time All-Star was so bad after 2 months he was switched to Lefty Specialist & pitched little innings last year. Hoping for turn around season.
  • MR: Edwin Mercer 63-53-261 3.27 ERA (5-5-1 2.27 ERA) D 3.56 2032, For some reason He didn’t pitch much last year but was dam effective when he did. The 4 Time All-Star is one of the team leaders & is looking to be just as effective this year.
  • MR: Jonathan Hayes 32-21-6 4.42 ERA (7-1-2 3.41 ERA) D 4.74 2037, Last year was a good bounce back season hopefully he can keep it up tho his history shows this year might suck. He is a solid member of this pen when is is on his game.
  • MR: Frazer Taylor 4-4-1 3.16 ERA (0-0-0 4.00 ERA) D 2.27 2042. He was injured most of the last season, but the Medium tossing Englishman is an important part of this pen if he stays healthy .
  • SU: Raoul Reugebrink 10-12-7 3.64 ERA (3-4-4 2.97 ERA) SD 2039, Had an amazing Regular season but wasn’t so good for the playoffs. He has been moved into the Setup role & I am hoping to see him shine.
  • CL: Ken Daniels 23-33-214 2.04 ERA (4-4-35 1.78 ERA) Trade NY 2047, He was soo good last year & he picked up his 4th (3rd in a row) MROY. He should be just as good if not better this year.
Possible futures relievers for 2050
  • Alfredo Cisneros 29 8-6-2 4.50 ERA (2-0-0 8.31 ERA) D 7.128 2038, He is good enough to be in Majors but hasn’t pitched consistently enough to keep a spot. There is good MR depth he is the first call up if needed.
  • Freddy Pagan 29 1-0-2 3.10 ERA (1-0-2 3.25 ERA) D 3.48 2038, He is basically the same as Alfredo but is better VS RHB and has Success in Majors.
  • Sam Thompson 31 16-11-4 4.13 (6-1-1 2.87 ERA) D 6.108 2038, He was on Roster for last season but with Limited LHB skills there is no spot left on the roster.
  • Dan Thompson 21 (NEVER PLAYED) D 3.44 2043, He is 4th of possibles for the Major Pen but he is also one of the teams top Prospects.

This is The Pitching Staff Tomorrow we do the Batting.