Globe and Mail: 2049 Season Recap

So last time attempted to do this was after I lost the 2020 FCS so its fitting I would decide to start up again after losing 2049 FCS.

Globe and Mail: Heart Break In Seattle for Ontario.

Even with Washington’s #1 and #3 SP on the DL they were just no match for the High Powered Resonance lead by FL MVP Antonio Saucedo who hit the Series Winning Grand Slam to Beat The Blue Pirates 5-2.

Changes to team During 2049 season and so far in off season:
There were 2 trades for the Blue Pirates last season both happened in May with the Trade of Ontario first round Pick to New Jersey for Willie Miller & Micah Jackson Both Who started at points last year.

The Next trade was with Colorado, Don Crawford had done NOTHING since coming over from Texas hitting .187/.277/.751 13/89 but the ballpark wasn’t really suited for him but Colorado was, got him for 2nd round Pick He did well for the Bears & the Blue Pirates selected Doug Neal (A).

2049 Draft Recap
2nd round Pick Dan Jackson Pitched decently for R Punta Gorda and has been moved to (A) for next season 4th round Pick Joe Morris has surprised and done not to bad could move up to (A) but most Likely will start back in (R)