New Mexico 2050 Sim notes

Sim 1

4-4 to start the season. We are hitting the crap out of the ball but it all apparently landed in the hands of our pitchers because that’s what they threw. NM leading the FL with 22 stolen bases. That’s new. Only caught twice. Hope this keeps up.

AAA Oklahoma City had a crazy first week. 7-1, 124 hits, 51 for extra bases. Scored 79 and allowed 29.

Sim 2

5-1. Pitching calmed down, allowing 12 runs over the six games. Leading the division by two. Going to see how quickly and how well Sean Butler learns 1B while he’s down in AAA. Bugs me I can’t find a way to use him. Maybe pinch hitter if I go with 11 pitchers.

Sim 3

4-2. Sean Butler up to two (from zero) at 1B after one week. Will be interesting to see how high he gets. .447/505/.718 after 20 games in AAA.

Sim 4

1-5 including a sweep by Arizona.

Sim 5

4-2 against division leaders WA and ON, and second place MN. Four games ahead in division. Young starting pitchers Woodard and Mata (rookie) both had good outings.

Oklahoma City on pace for over 1800 hits. The record is 1737 by Idaho Falls in 2026. Sean Butler upped his defense at first base to four.

Sim 6

4-2 with a sweep of Maryland. SP Vic Dacres goes down for the season.

Sim 7

4-2. Two shutouts in a sweep of Idaho.

Sean Butler up to five at first. Progress has slowed.

Sim 8

2-4 and Texas pulls within two. Lost two out of three to Arizona. We’re first in hits, average, on-base and slugging, but fifth in runs scored. 81 stolen bases but caught stealing has skyrocketed up to 37. I think we’re stealing some runs from ourselves.