New Mexico 2050 Preview

First year in the FL East!

Outlook for the Danger is muddled at the moment. Pitching still has some developing to do and will probably be consistently uneven. Offense is moving more toward defensive players, some veterans who can still hit are starting the year in AAA. Butler, Howell and Hill are not going to be happy. Four rookies make the team: SP Mata, RP Vickers, 1B/DH Santana and RF Tanaka.

I think the Danger will end up in the high 80s for wins, low 90s if things go well. Always tough to predict but even tougher with realignment.


C: Ismael Cordero

1B: Dominic Bennett (batting title last season)

2B: Bob McCrary (ROY in FL last season)

SS: Cisco Martinez (power started showing up late last season)

3B: Tim Rivera (Old reliable, lost a bit. Sam Raith in AAA waiting for his chance. Might happen sooner rather than later).

LF: Tony Ortiz (probably his last chance as starter)

CF: Jose Rodriguez

RF: Don O’Scanlon

DH vs. R: Orlando Lopez 

DH vs. L: Esteban Santana (rookie, 46 HRs in AAA last season)


C: Dermott Barke

1B/DH: Santana/Lopez, 

IF: Juan Ortiz

IF: Jorge Rodriguez

OF: Nobuhito Tanaka (rookie)


I will probably be tempted to tinker with the pitching staff but I’m going to try and leave it alone and see what happens. 

Starters to begin the season will be McCormick, Woodard, Dunham, English and Mata (rookie).

Out of the bullpen will be Laplante, Harris, Santos, Dacres, Vickers (rookie), Luna and Garnett. (CL Luis Vasquez out until late July or early August. Will be nice to get him back.)

Dacres, Garnett and Luna can all start as well.