Globe and Mail: June 5th 2050

We have now finished two months of the season and the Blue Pirates are (36-20) in first 6 games up on the Twin Towers. We talked about how this year isn’t going to be easy and after the month of May New York put up, going 18-8 just better then Ontario’s 18-9 has put them in a great spot leading the Wild card by 1. New Jersey has stayed around with the PL’s leading HR hitter. Pennsylvania has one of the best Pitchers in the PL so they are still around as well. Maryland has faded and won’t really factor Read More

New Mexico 2050 Sim notes

Sim 1 4-4 to start the season. We are hitting the crap out of the ball but it all apparently landed in the hands of our pitchers because that’s what they threw. NM leading the FL with 22 stolen bases. That’s new. Only caught twice. Hope this keeps up. AAA Oklahoma City had a crazy first week. 7-1, 124 hits, 51 for extra bases. Scored 79 and allowed 29. Sim 2 5-1. Pitching calmed down, allowing 12 runs over the six games. Leading the division by two. Going to see how quickly and how well Sean Butler learns 1B while he’s Read More

Globe and Mail: May 1st 2050

The first month of the AFBL is done and the Blue Pirates (16-10) are in a familiar Position 1st place, with the team finishing 2nd in 2046 & winning the Division last 3 years this is good start. The road back to the Finals will not be so easy, old Foe New Jersey is only 1 game back so far, they might not be fully on the charge yet but they will not make it easy. The Railroaders have been out of the playoffs for 10 years! they look much tougher then last season. New York was so close to Read More


Multiple Time Winners Hitting Kevin Garrett – 6 TimesGus Chandler – 4 TimesKieran Wynn – 4 TimesJose Morales – 3 TimesJoe Godfrey – 3 TimesBen Johnson – 2 Times Pitching Pete Wilson – 7 TimesAurelio Villarreal – 5 TimesJerry Sanchez – 4 TimesJermaine Larson – 3 TimesShoyo Sakamoto – 3 TimesRobinson Fernández – 3 TimesJorge Barron – 2 TimesJesus Cruz – 2 Times YEAR BY YEAR WINNERS 2049 HITTER OF YEAR – 3B António Saucedo (.324/.413/.544, 38 HR, 132 RBI, 7.5 WAR) PITCHER OF YEAR (tie) – Jesus Cruz (18-8, 3.56 ERA, 5.8 WAR) PITCHER OF YEAR (tie) – Robinson Read More

Globe and Mail: 2050 Roster Pt 2

Hitters (Last Season) Acquired, Blurb C: Duri Al Gahary (143 .277/.368/.513 124) SD 2038, Had by some accounts one of his best seasons but OBP & AVE were below 2048, tied Franchise REC for HR but really stunk during Playoffs. 1B: Jonathan Broadberry (115 .295/.336/.386 86) D 2.28 2041, He is up & down last season was a bad year so if things flow the same he should have a good season. 2B: Joel Beck (132 .300/.348/.481 119) Trade NY 2047, He was amazing last season like 2048 in the first half, he fell off a lot during send half Read More

Washington Resonance Wins Its First Federation Cup

The Washington Resonance team has been in the American Federation Baseball League (AFBL) since its inception in 2017. The team had never won the Federation Cup. The team had its glory years from 2024 through 2034, making the playoffs every year during that stretch save for 2027. In 2031 the Resonance won 104 games. In 2034 they won the Frontier League championship for the first time (despite winning just 80 regular season games). But they could not beat the Ohio Knights in the Federation Cup. After 2034 Washington did not make the playoffs again until 2047. In 2048 the team Read More

Globe and Mail: 2050 Roster

Starting Rotation (Career REC) (Last Season) Acquired, Blurb #1. Cristo Mota 67-38 3.67 ERA (20-8 3.52 ERA) SD 2040, Was outstanding last season could get better, He is the Anchor of this Rotation. #2. Jose Esquivel 123-131 4.05 ERA (14-11 4.23 ERA) D 1.13 2031, He has had up & down career hopefully this is a Up year, looking for a few more Ks from him. #3. Freddy Santiago 40-25 3.66 ERA (7-12 4.43) SD 2039, CRAPPY season & they have been all down hill since 2047 BUT he showed up during playoffs so maybe that & some more Ks Read More

Globe and Mail: 2049 Season Recap

So last time attempted to do this was after I lost the 2020 FCS so its fitting I would decide to start up again after losing 2049 FCS. Globe and Mail: Heart Break In Seattle for Ontario. Even with Washington’s #1 and #3 SP on the DL they were just no match for the High Powered Resonance lead by FL MVP Antonio Saucedo who hit the Series Winning Grand Slam to Beat The Blue Pirates 5-2. Changes to team During 2049 season and so far in off season: There were 2 trades for the Blue Pirates last season both happened Read More

New Mexico 2050 Preview

First year in the FL East! Outlook for the Danger is muddled at the moment. Pitching still has some developing to do and will probably be consistently uneven. Offense is moving more toward defensive players, some veterans who can still hit are starting the year in AAA. Butler, Howell and Hill are not going to be happy. Four rookies make the team: SP Mata, RP Vickers, 1B/DH Santana and RF Tanaka. I think the Danger will end up in the high 80s for wins, low 90s if things go well. Always tough to predict but even tougher with realignment. Batters: Read More